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Welcome to Deeper Life Bible Church, Philadelphia

Even with the fast-paced digital world, some people have gone astray and have lingered in the dark. With the loss of hope, a lot of our brothers and sisters think that it’s all over for them. But it is Deeper Life Bible Church, Philadelphia’s mission to deliver God’s words and promises to those people who have lost the light of hope in them. We want to lead them back to the bright path with the Lord.

Help Those in Need

Donate to Our Church

Even just a little bit of kindness can already help our brothers and sisters in need. Let’s work hand in hand to reach out to them.

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We Welcome You to Our Family

Join Our Ministry

Let’s pave the path towards a closer relationship with the Lord God together. Come and join our ministry today.

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Mission Statement

It is our mission to deliver the Lord God’s word and promises to those who have gone astray and lead them back to the light. Our aim is to strengthen truth, honesty, and justice so that they may become predominant characteristics to each and every one of our brothers and sisters in God.

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Spreading His Words

Our Sermons

Every day, we never cease to exalt His Holy Name and His Words. We want to extend our helping hands to those who need enlightenment in their darkest moments and leading them back to the Lord.

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Sunday Service Sermons

Every Sunday, we gather with our brothers and sisters to listen to our dedicated preachers.

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Revival Service Sermons

Even when times get rough, just hearing the Word of God can help enlighten your spirit.

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Bible Study Sermons

Studying and knowing deeper of His Words and His Amazing Works will light our way closer to Him.

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