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About Us

Leading our brothers and sisters to the path of joy and salvation

The Deeper Life Bible Church is a multinational Bible-based Holiness Church. A Church that started in 1973 in Lagos Nigeria with 15 people, under the leadership of its founder and the General Superintendent – Pastor Dr. William F. Kumuyi. The Church has since grown into millions of people with branches all over Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and over 90 branches in the United States of America.

Pastor William Kumuyi is a renowned Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, Revivalist, Trainer, and Pastor with a rare combination of God’s Grace in his Apostolic, Evangelical, and Pentecostal calling. His unwavering resolve to holiness and righteousness is one of the major reasons this ministry has stood out distinctively and continues to prosper. Under this ministry, we have recorded countless salvation of souls and the outpouring of God’s power with evident testimonies and verifiable miracles where the lame, the blind, barren, jobless, demonic, and other sick and diseased people have been healed. Surely, the Church’s history will not be complete without the likes of Pastor William Kumuyi.

Our Mission
To deliver the Lord God’s word and promises to those who have gone astray and lead them back to the light. Our aim is to strengthen truth and justice so that they may become predominant characteristics to each and every one of our brothers and sisters in God.
Our Vision
To reach out to as many brothers and sisters who have lost all hope and gone astray. We envision to see them live happier in the grace and mercy of the Lord God.

Journalist Alan Isaacson provides a helpful study of this phenomenal ministry in his book “Deeper Life: The Extraordinary Growth of the Deeper Life Bible Church”, after talking with many members of the church who told him how Christ has miraculously intervened and changed lives in response to prayer and the proclamation of the Gospel. In Pastor Kumuyi’s own words: “God, in the growth of Deeper Life Bible Church, has strategically and prudently used miracles to ‘make all men come to Him’ (John 3:26). We take Christian living and holiness seriously.”

According to Isaacson, The history of Deeper Life is very much the personal story of W.F. Kumuyi. He is a gifted man, clear-thinking, and humble. He is a dedicated Christian and deserves the title ‘the man of God,’ which his followers have given him. Since he was a young man, Kumuyi has devoted his time to reading and studying the Bible. He knows the Scriptures inside out and has struggled to understand and apply them. As he shares that struggle and his love for the word of God, people have been drawn to him for advice, or simply to listen. When he preaches, his message is clear, simple, and profound. Poor street traders who can barely read sit next to university professors, all equally captivated by the way the Scripture becomes suddenly relevant to them.

Pastor Kumuyi’s own Christian life developed because he took the Bible so seriously, and so the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, a religious organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has developed in the same way. In Alan Isaacson’s own words, he “preached Deeper Life into existence”. His sermons were captivating, wrote Isaacson, “I would classify him as one of the greatest living preachers, giving a straightforward Bible-based message, his sermons thorough, and always personally challenging. He always gave a wide range of cross-references that were read in their context, supporting, clarifying, and expanding his main points. He spoke clearly and authoritatively about the Nigerian situation. He dealt sensitively with African culture but also made a firm stand in highlighting the points where local culture was incompatible with the will of God. While stressing the high moral tone which is one of the virtues of most African cultures at their best, he was at pains to specify those aspects of local culture which were unchristian and even evil. In this way, he was not only concerned with some kind of personal holiness, but also genuinely seeking the wholeness and harmony of the community at large, where truth, honesty, and justice should be the predominant characteristics.

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